LG TV Remote Not Working: Troubleshooting and Solutions

A frustrated person holding an LG TV remote with a non-functional button.

I am having a rough day with my LG TV remote some buttons just won't cooperate

In today are televisions remote controls have become a part of our entertainment experience. They provide us with the convenience of accessing content adjusting settings and browsing channels, from the comfort of our couches.

However, what do we do when the trusty remote control for our LG TV starts acting up? It can be quite frustrating and annoying. 

This comprehensive guide aims to address issues that arise with LG TV remotes and offers solutions to help you get your remote back in proper working order.

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Common Causes of a Non-Responsive LG TV Remote:

Interference from Signals

One of the reasons behind a malfunctioning LG TV remote is signal interference. This occurs when external factors disrupt the connection between the control and the TV receiver. Some typical sources of interference include;

Obstacles: Physical barriers like furniture, walls, or other objects can obstruct the transmission of signals from the remote to reach the TV.

Other Electronic Devices; devices such, as cordless phones, Wi-Fi routers, or baby monitors may emit signals on frequencies that interfere with those used by the remote.

Sunlight; Direct sunlight can interfere with IR) remotes since it emits its IR radiation which might be mistaken for a legitimate remote signal.

 Battery issues:

If your LG TV remote is not responding one possible solution could be to replace the batteries. Sometimes when the batteries are low or dead it can hinder the transmission of signals from the remote. 

A pair of hands holding a remote control and inserting new batteries.

Time to refresh the power: swapping out the old batteries for new ones in my remote control.

To Replace the batteries;

Open the battery compartment located at the back of the remote.

Take out the batteries. Examine them for any signs of leakage or corrosion.

Make sure you insert batteries into the remote aligning them correctly with the polarity markings. Then close the battery compartment. Give the remote a try.

Remote damage:

Sometimes physical damage, to the control can cause problems with its functionality. Whether its due to drops spills or normal wear and tear a damaged remote may not work properly. 

A close-up image of a battery compartment being opened and new batteries being inserted into a device.

Keep things powered up! Make a quick battery change to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Take a look at the remote for any signs of damage like cracks in the casing loose buttons or a damaged circuit board. Minor damage can sometimes be fixed with do-it-yourself techniques. 

If there is extensive damage it might be best to seek professional help or consider getting a replacement.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

Signal Interference Solutions;

Relocate your TV. Remote; to an area where there are obstacles blocking the signal's path.

If interference continues to be an issue you can use infrared (IR) repeaters or radio frequency (RF) remotes to overcome signal obstacles and improve reliability.

Battery Related Solutions:

Check the voltage of your batteries using a battery tester to ensure they have power. Weak batteries may appear functional. Fail to transmit signals

Invest in high-quality alkaline or lithium batteries as they tend to last longer and offer better performance.

By following these steps you should be able to troubleshoot issues with your control and improve its functionality.

Tips, for Extending Battery Life; If you're not using the remote for a time it's an idea to remove the batteries.

Solutions for Remote Damage:

Do It Yourself Fixes; you can often fix problems like buttons or connections by using repair kits that are available online.

Professional Repairs; If there is damage or technical issues it's recommended to seek assistance, from LG customer support or authorized service centers.

Repair or replacement options are available, at centers.

Resetting your LG TV:

How resetting your TV can help;

If you're experiencing issues with your LG TV remote performing a reset can sometimes resolve software problems. Resetting the TV to its default settings could fix any issues that are affecting the functionality of the remote.

Performing a Factory Reset:

Before proceeding with a factory reset it's important to back up your TV settings and personal data if possible. Follow these steps to perform a factory reset:

A person using a remote control to reset an LG TV.

Back to square one: Taking a moment to reset my LG TV for a fresh start.

Obtain the settings menu on your TV.

  • Go to the "General" or "All Settings" menu selection.
  • Choose "Reset to Initial Settings" or a similar option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the reset.
  • Wait for the TV to complete the process and restart.

The LG TV Remote App:

In addition to troubleshooting issues, LG offers an alternative solution through its dedicated TV remote app. This app allows you to control your TV using your smartphone serving as a backup when your physical remote is not functioning properly.

An Alternative Solution:

The LG TV remote app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download the app, from your device's app store. Follow the provided setup instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Why isn't my LG TV remote working after I changed the batteries?

While changing the batteries is usually a solution make sure that the new batteries are of quality and inserted correctly with the polarity. If the issue continues consider causes such as signal interference.

 Can I use a remote with my LG TV?

Absolutely! Universal remotes are compatible with LG TVs. Just ensure that the remote you choose supports LG TV codes and follow the setup instructions provided with the remote.

What should I do if my LG TV remote app isn't working?

If you're experiencing issues with the LG TV app make sure that both your smartphone's operating system and the app itself are up, to date. Additionally, check your Wi-Fi or network connection because it relies on a connection to control your TV.

If the buttons, on my LG TV remote are not responding what steps should I take?

If you're experiencing unresponsiveness with buttons, on your LG TV remote it could be a sign of wear and tear. One possible solution is to clean the rubber buttons and the underlying contacts on the remote using a cloth. If that doesn't solve the issue you might want to consider purchasing a replacement remote.

Sometimes intermittent issues with the remote can be attributed to signal interference or weak batteries. To address this problem make sure there are no obstructions between the remote and the TV and replace the batteries with ones. If the problem continues you can troubleshoot signal interference by following the steps outlined in our guide.

If you find yourself without a remote, for your LG TV don't worry! You can still operate it using the built-in control panel buttons if they are available. However, keep in mind that certain functions and settings may have limitations without a remote. Another option is to use your smartphone as a replacement by downloading and using the LG TV app.

In case you encounter difficulties connecting your LG TV app to your television set here's what you can do?

If you're having trouble connecting the LG TV app to your TV make sure that both your smartphone and TV are connected to the Wi-Fi network. If necessary restart both devices. Additionally check the remote control settings, on your TV to ensure that mobile device access is allowed.

Is there a way to reset my LG TV remote without resetting the TV?

Certainly! You can attempt a " reset" or "factory reset" for the LG TV remote without impacting the TV itself. To do this take out the batteries from the remote press. Hold any button on the remote for 20 seconds and then put it back in the batteries.

What if my LG TV remote is still covered by warranty but not functioning properly?

In case your LG TV remote is still within its warranty period and experiencing issues it is advisable to reach out to LG's customer support or visit a service center. They will evaluate the problem. Provide a solution, which may involve replacing the remote if necessary.

Can I use a remote as a substitute for my LG TV remote?

Absolutely! You have the option to utilize a remote as a replacement, for your LG TV remote. Many universal remotes can be. Adjusted to work with LG TVs.

Make sure that the remote you select is suitable, for LG TV codes and follow the setup instructions that come with the remote.


In summary, dealing with a malfunctioning LG TV remote can undoubtedly be frustrating. It’s definitely something that can be overcome. By familiarizing yourself with problems and following the troubleshooting steps provided you'll often find a way to resolve the issue and regain control of your TV. Whether you're experiencing signal interference, battery-related problems, or even physical damage; to the remote itself rest assured that there are solutions to help you tackle these challenges effectively.

If you're looking for added convenience you can also consider using the LG TV app as a backup option. It's important to have a remote to fully enjoy your TV.

If you encounter any issues or persistent problems don't hesitate to reach out to LG customer support or authorized service centers, for professional assistance. Your entertainment experience is important. Having a working remote is a part of it.